Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lit Cosmetics!

Today I've got a very exciting post to share with you. It involves lots and lots of glitter! I recently placed an order with Lit Cosmetics and I thought I would show you swatches of all the colours that I now own. First off, some glitter porn ;)


Now onto the swatches. I swatched all of these using the Lit Cosmetics clearly glitter base, which is amazeballs if you were wondering.


Champagne Wishes, Liberache, Rich & Famous, Carrot Head, Fire Cracker


Roxy Rolla, Elton Jon, Punk, Soul Sister, Marlin Monroe

As you can see these are gorgeous and so glittery and sparkly. I definitely recommend checking them out! They come in handy stackable containers too which is always helpful.

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