Friday, October 12, 2012

Blue and Grey Polka Dots!

Hi lovely people! Sporadic posting, midterms and life you know? =) I have been super uninspired with anything beauty related recently. Obnoxious lipstick has been my go to just so I look like I care. Too much tired! But I have a post today with actual nail art. Although for me nail art essentially always just means bringing out the dotting tool and splatting on a couple dots. Because it is fairly simple and looks pretty cool, if you don't look too closely.
My good friend Kevin told me that I couldn't make a fun mani with his favourite colours, blue and grey. And he was over the other night so I told him to pick out his favourite shades of blue and grey and that I'd do something. So I went to my trust polka dots ;) I think it looks pretty fun! The blue is Essence "Walk on Air" and the grey is Zoya "Dove" with China Glaze's Fast Forward for top coat. I did the exact opposite on my right hand, aka all grey with a blue accent nail. Sort of a fun contrast =)


So that is all! Love love <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Hi all! Hope you're doing well. I just started school again for the fall and it is a pain! Why is math only offered at 8:30am? Boo =( I hope if you're in school you had the chance to plan your schedule better! But I compensate with pretty polished nails to look at during class ;)

I recently received this colour in my "Fall Luxebox" and I like it so much! I don't think there is a China Glaze polish that isn't essentially perfection. (other than their neons but who can actually make good neons)

This colour is called Purr-fect Plum and it is a dark berry-plum cream colour that is perfect for fall and winter =) I have been attempting to get a bit into nail art, even though I'm a major fail, so I put some dots running down the sides. Not all the same size but I'm trying I swear! I also seem to have a thing with putting dots down my nail as some of my blog posts show. Strange. This photo has no bottle shot because I was snapping random photos and I thought this photo looked cozy against my sweater... =P Anywho, hope you're doing swell and enjoy the below photo!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hungry Asian Itsy Bitsy

LOVE. I am totally head over heels for this manicure. Granted, I don't usually wear manicures that I don't like because I will just take them off before doing clean up and taking photos etc. =) I recently bought myself some more polishes from The Hungry Asian. I love her polishes so much! First off, the glitters are so fun and colourful and the mini bottles are shaped like hearts. How cute! I bought a full size bottle of Itsy Bitsy though because I knew I would adore it.

I started off with two coats of Zoya's Pippa. This is a polish that needs three coats to be fully opaque and not have VNL but I knew I was going to be layering Itsy Bitsy over it so I wasn't too worried. Love this colour! It is so happy =)


Then we have the star of the show, Itsy Bitsy! What an awesome polish. Sheer yellow base, red glitter. Ladies and gents, we have a winner. This was super easy to apply and the glitter spread out nicely on the nail. I took this photo while holding a lemon because I was making tea and I had a moment of "OMG MY NAILS MATCH THIS LEMON!" So, yanno.


Lastly, we mattified this beauty. I don't usually mattify my manicures but I had just bought a new NYC matte top coat and for some reason just needed to see this matte from the second I received it. PS this is an awesome matte top coat, especially for a buck fifty. I have almost forgotten about my Nails Inc matte top coat that is sitting in my Melmer ;) Instagram photo, because I really liked it okay!? <3


That is all for now! I'm hoping to keep up a schedule of posting more regularly because I'm starting to get into the swing of things. Byyyyee loves and check out The Hungry Asian's etsy shop!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Up Colors Lilas Chrome

Let's not talk about my failed challenge in August. I SUCK OKAY?

Onto prettier things now. We all know my love of holos, even the subtle ones. And this is a gorgeous and subtle holo. I present to you Up Colors 'Lilas Chrome.' Is there an English name for this? I'm unsure. But this is the purpley-pink Up holo and it is so pretty. Very subtle holo but the colour itself is so pretty and just looked amazeballs on my nails. You can barely see any holo in this pic but I tried I promise! It is minimal but in the right light you see it. This is a super old pic, minimum three months? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

You can buy this at llarowe and I think it is time for me to buy them all... ;)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Penguin Makeup Challenge! Day One =D

Hi loves! I'm just a huge slacker aren't I =) Woops! Too much to do, too little time. But! I was recently contacted by Alexis to partake in the Penguin makeup challenge this month! I loved the idea, which centers around using black and white eyeshadow and I also loved it because it is just three challenges spread out over the course of a month! I am terrible at keeping up with things so I knew I'd never be able to do a challenge a day but three in a month is a good way to keep my blog up to date and do something fun =) So today is day one! And the challenge is to only use black and white in a makeup look. I used a ton of products, from MAC and Wet n' Wild and more, but essentially just good old black and white shadows.

I wanted to try something that I haven't done in probably forever and that was dots! You can't see them very well but I put dots as eyeliner all along the top lashline. I struggled like crazy and in the end used mascara along with a nail dotting tool haha. Surprisingly in my entire collection of makeup I don't own a felt tip liner which I think would have been the easiest way to do this, but oh well. It didn't turn out perfect but it was kinda trippy looking at myself in the mirror. I was also having bad skin day and this was the only photo which I didn't extremely hate. So just one will have to do for this challenge.


Now! Go check out all the other wonderful ladies and I'll be back soon with the next challenge <333
Ania xoxo

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jade - Mystic Gold

You know that feeling of being speechless?? Yeah, this is one of those. I ordered my first Jade holo. And then proceeded to apply it and die all over the place. I can't handle its amazingness. Dare I say I prefer this over the Layla holos? I don't know. I need more to make a statement like that. This means I must buy more, yes? Good. =)
SO! I applied this over Nfu Aqua Base because I own it and figure I may as well use it. It applied like a dream. Zero streaking, probably okay with one coat but I did two cause I like opacity and wanted it perfect. The brush is also really nice. It is pretty standard aka not too thick or thin (thats what she said) and so it applies well. I did essentially zero clean up. So that's nice.
I should probably mention what this polish is? Mystic Gold, by Jade. <3 I want/need them all. This is my new mission. Enjoy the pics!
Did all your eyes explode? Yeah, me too. I don't want to take this off but I've got some Ozotics to try out ;) Cheers for now!
xoxox Ania

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneeze Breeze

I am beyond stoked. I remember lusting over this polish forever ago. Wasn't there atime where you could only buy it on The Hungry Asian blog? Maybe I'm remembering wrong haha. Anywhooo! I finally bought Sneeze Breeze! Soooo excited! It is such a neato polish, with black and blue matte glitter. Is there anything better than matte glitter? Well, maybe a holo or two :P But this polish essentially takes the cake for awesome.

This is two coats on top of some random blue which I do not recall.


I bought a couple other polishes from The Hungry Asian so make sure to stay tuned for those as well!

xoxo Ania