Friday, October 12, 2012

Blue and Grey Polka Dots!

Hi lovely people! Sporadic posting, midterms and life you know? =) I have been super uninspired with anything beauty related recently. Obnoxious lipstick has been my go to just so I look like I care. Too much tired! But I have a post today with actual nail art. Although for me nail art essentially always just means bringing out the dotting tool and splatting on a couple dots. Because it is fairly simple and looks pretty cool, if you don't look too closely.
My good friend Kevin told me that I couldn't make a fun mani with his favourite colours, blue and grey. And he was over the other night so I told him to pick out his favourite shades of blue and grey and that I'd do something. So I went to my trust polka dots ;) I think it looks pretty fun! The blue is Essence "Walk on Air" and the grey is Zoya "Dove" with China Glaze's Fast Forward for top coat. I did the exact opposite on my right hand, aka all grey with a blue accent nail. Sort of a fun contrast =)


So that is all! Love love <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Hi all! Hope you're doing well. I just started school again for the fall and it is a pain! Why is math only offered at 8:30am? Boo =( I hope if you're in school you had the chance to plan your schedule better! But I compensate with pretty polished nails to look at during class ;)

I recently received this colour in my "Fall Luxebox" and I like it so much! I don't think there is a China Glaze polish that isn't essentially perfection. (other than their neons but who can actually make good neons)

This colour is called Purr-fect Plum and it is a dark berry-plum cream colour that is perfect for fall and winter =) I have been attempting to get a bit into nail art, even though I'm a major fail, so I put some dots running down the sides. Not all the same size but I'm trying I swear! I also seem to have a thing with putting dots down my nail as some of my blog posts show. Strange. This photo has no bottle shot because I was snapping random photos and I thought this photo looked cozy against my sweater... =P Anywho, hope you're doing swell and enjoy the below photo!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hungry Asian Itsy Bitsy

LOVE. I am totally head over heels for this manicure. Granted, I don't usually wear manicures that I don't like because I will just take them off before doing clean up and taking photos etc. =) I recently bought myself some more polishes from The Hungry Asian. I love her polishes so much! First off, the glitters are so fun and colourful and the mini bottles are shaped like hearts. How cute! I bought a full size bottle of Itsy Bitsy though because I knew I would adore it.

I started off with two coats of Zoya's Pippa. This is a polish that needs three coats to be fully opaque and not have VNL but I knew I was going to be layering Itsy Bitsy over it so I wasn't too worried. Love this colour! It is so happy =)


Then we have the star of the show, Itsy Bitsy! What an awesome polish. Sheer yellow base, red glitter. Ladies and gents, we have a winner. This was super easy to apply and the glitter spread out nicely on the nail. I took this photo while holding a lemon because I was making tea and I had a moment of "OMG MY NAILS MATCH THIS LEMON!" So, yanno.


Lastly, we mattified this beauty. I don't usually mattify my manicures but I had just bought a new NYC matte top coat and for some reason just needed to see this matte from the second I received it. PS this is an awesome matte top coat, especially for a buck fifty. I have almost forgotten about my Nails Inc matte top coat that is sitting in my Melmer ;) Instagram photo, because I really liked it okay!? <3


That is all for now! I'm hoping to keep up a schedule of posting more regularly because I'm starting to get into the swing of things. Byyyyee loves and check out The Hungry Asian's etsy shop!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Up Colors Lilas Chrome

Let's not talk about my failed challenge in August. I SUCK OKAY?

Onto prettier things now. We all know my love of holos, even the subtle ones. And this is a gorgeous and subtle holo. I present to you Up Colors 'Lilas Chrome.' Is there an English name for this? I'm unsure. But this is the purpley-pink Up holo and it is so pretty. Very subtle holo but the colour itself is so pretty and just looked amazeballs on my nails. You can barely see any holo in this pic but I tried I promise! It is minimal but in the right light you see it. This is a super old pic, minimum three months? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

You can buy this at llarowe and I think it is time for me to buy them all... ;)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Penguin Makeup Challenge! Day One =D

Hi loves! I'm just a huge slacker aren't I =) Woops! Too much to do, too little time. But! I was recently contacted by Alexis to partake in the Penguin makeup challenge this month! I loved the idea, which centers around using black and white eyeshadow and I also loved it because it is just three challenges spread out over the course of a month! I am terrible at keeping up with things so I knew I'd never be able to do a challenge a day but three in a month is a good way to keep my blog up to date and do something fun =) So today is day one! And the challenge is to only use black and white in a makeup look. I used a ton of products, from MAC and Wet n' Wild and more, but essentially just good old black and white shadows.

I wanted to try something that I haven't done in probably forever and that was dots! You can't see them very well but I put dots as eyeliner all along the top lashline. I struggled like crazy and in the end used mascara along with a nail dotting tool haha. Surprisingly in my entire collection of makeup I don't own a felt tip liner which I think would have been the easiest way to do this, but oh well. It didn't turn out perfect but it was kinda trippy looking at myself in the mirror. I was also having bad skin day and this was the only photo which I didn't extremely hate. So just one will have to do for this challenge.


Now! Go check out all the other wonderful ladies and I'll be back soon with the next challenge <333
Ania xoxo

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jade - Mystic Gold

You know that feeling of being speechless?? Yeah, this is one of those. I ordered my first Jade holo. And then proceeded to apply it and die all over the place. I can't handle its amazingness. Dare I say I prefer this over the Layla holos? I don't know. I need more to make a statement like that. This means I must buy more, yes? Good. =)
SO! I applied this over Nfu Aqua Base because I own it and figure I may as well use it. It applied like a dream. Zero streaking, probably okay with one coat but I did two cause I like opacity and wanted it perfect. The brush is also really nice. It is pretty standard aka not too thick or thin (thats what she said) and so it applies well. I did essentially zero clean up. So that's nice.
I should probably mention what this polish is? Mystic Gold, by Jade. <3 I want/need them all. This is my new mission. Enjoy the pics!
Did all your eyes explode? Yeah, me too. I don't want to take this off but I've got some Ozotics to try out ;) Cheers for now!
xoxox Ania

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneeze Breeze

I am beyond stoked. I remember lusting over this polish forever ago. Wasn't there atime where you could only buy it on The Hungry Asian blog? Maybe I'm remembering wrong haha. Anywhooo! I finally bought Sneeze Breeze! Soooo excited! It is such a neato polish, with black and blue matte glitter. Is there anything better than matte glitter? Well, maybe a holo or two :P But this polish essentially takes the cake for awesome.

This is two coats on top of some random blue which I do not recall.


I bought a couple other polishes from The Hungry Asian so make sure to stay tuned for those as well!

xoxo Ania

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Face of the Day: June 7 2012

Hi loves! Thought I would do a face of the day that corresponds with my newest video =) I get asked a lot to do tutorials on my makeup looks but they are honestly usually so simple that it isn't worth it! Besides, tons of beautiful tutorials out there on youtube!
Here is a pic of everything that was used. I only did my makeup to film that day and to just relax. (Yes, putting makeup on relaxes me lol)

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
MAC MSF - Blonde
MAC Sheertone Blush - Garb

MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Heaven and Earth <3
Annabelle Smudge Liner - Atomic Surf
Essence Waterproof Eyeliner - Black
Benefit Bad Gal Lash
ELF Volumizing Mascara

MAC - Impassioned

Some more up close photos of the look =)


Super simple but sometimes that is exactly what you need!
xoxo Ania

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Indian Ocean!

I'm a happy little camper. I'd been eyeing Indian Ocean by Models Own since it had come out. Lusting and lusting like crazy, literally looking at it a couple times a week, putting it in a cart, popping it out, never truly making the plunge. WHY? Cause I'm crazy. Then! I did a swap with my wonderful friend Charlene and as luck would have it she sent me Indian Ocean! I was soo freaking excited =D It seriously made my week a whole lot better. So I instantly put it on my nails!

It is a sheer polish so I used Illamasqua's Wink polish as a good ole pair of undies, which is a standard pastel purple colour. I forgot to take a pic but it isn't anything super special!

I then did one coat of Indian Ocean and then for some added sparkle I added a coat of Orly's Prisma Gloss Silver, which is a very fine holo glitter in a clear base. Topped it off with another coat of Indian Ocean!


Not my favourite photo but the pinky finger shows the holo glitter peeking through quite well!
Hope you all enjoyed!
xoxo Ania

Friday, June 1, 2012


Does this nail polish even need an introduction? The very much coveted Floam. Oh my goodness. I can't even get over how awesome this polish is. Neon, matte glitter. WHAT!? I really have not much to say about it. I layered two coats over Zoya Phoebe, which is a matte blue colour. I only chose Phoebe because it was matte and would dry quickly haha. Also, Floam is soo top coat hungry. I put on two layers of topcoat and then went to bed and in the morning I had to put on one more. It slurped it up good.



Two photos, for extra sexy time.
xoxo Ania

Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Much Essence!

I am so excited! What is better than cheap, cute and pretty nail polish? Not much. I had heard about Essence polishes coming to Canada for a while and I had been stalking Shoppers Drug Mart like no other and FINALLY found the display! Within a week I had 6 polishes. Yummy =) I controlled myself well I thought, considering they are only $1.49 each. Granted it is for only 5ml BUT I figure I have so much polish anyway that it doesn't matter because I definitely won't be using up any polishes anytime soon. I think we all realize that I will have all the different polishes available here within the next couple weeks... But we won't talk about that =)
Sidenote, my nails at this point and time were awkwardly growing in. I had just cut them all off and was waiting for them to grow in a little before I shaped them. They are not the greatest =(

First up is High Spirits. This colour reminds me of some sort of mixture between pistachios and army pants. It is such a cool colour! I like that it isn't a super bright stand out colour that will attract everyone's attention but it is still quite unique and pretty on the nails. There is also faint silvery shimmer running throughout it that makes it just that more gorgeous. Two coater!


Then we have Choose Me! which is a popular colour I've noticed because it is a Zoya Charla dupe. And yes, I do have Charla and they are very darn similar. Both are so pretty for summer and they are the type of colour that I adore to wear on my toenails. This polish just made me feel like a mermaid =)


LOL can you see how crappy my paint job was on this? Vomit. I wanted to redo the photos for this colour but my nails are different shaped now and that would probably irritate me more than the crap paint job. Anywho! This is Lime Up! and it is an awesome mix of Shrek and bright lime-ness. It is a pretty cream colour that is fairly unique and is easy to work with. I just had some major issues on my pointer finger apparently. =P I have a sudden urge to do some cool black stamping over this polish. I think that would look super neat!


This colour is all types of awesome, minus the brush marks. If you are careful you can avoid them but I kinda wanted to show you how evident they are if they do appear. So my middle finger was painted more sloppily, if you will. This colour is called Where Is The Party? and it is a duochrome that shifts between a purple and a greenish sorta colour. This picture wasn't my favourite but it shows the different colours very well!


The last photo shows off two polishes! The awesome lavender is called A Lovely Secret and the glitter accent is Space Queen. I LOVE A LOVELY SECRET. Oh man. This is my colour for this season. It is soooo pretty. This is that muted pastel purple colour that isn't necessarily bright but it stands out so well and looks amazing on the nails. The glitter is pretty fun too! It is nice for layering and adding a bit of bling without going overboard (but we all need to go overboard sometimes :P)


So that is currently my little Essence collection and overview! Any polishes that I must pick up? Please tempt me!
xoxo Ania

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Layla Ocean Rush

Dear Holographic nail polishes, I love you. Nothing has tickled my fancy more than holo nail polishes recently. I'm semi hoarding them like the world will really end this year. They just make me SO HAPPY. I can't help but smile everytime I walk outside and see rainbow goodness radiating from my nails. And Layla polishes are so holo that even indoors you can see their awesomeness. ANYWHO! This is a semi awkward photo but I wanted to show you what I discovered, which is probably not news to anyone but me. I had always used my Nails Inc matte top coat as a base for under my holo polishes because it helped apply them the best. Then in one of my videos I was complaining about holo application and someone in the comments said to use Seche Vite. So I did! The thumb nail is Seche Vite and the rest of the nails is matte top coat. With Layla's Ocean Rush on top.


Holy bajeezus. Can you see the immense difference? It is easier to apply over matte top coat but the effect of it on top of Seche Vite is amazing! So worth it. Since wearing this I have ordered the Nfu Oh Aqua Base so we will see how that goes. I also like wearing my holo polishes on top of bare nails and that works really well but it chips instantly. So that is kinda a bummer.
Do you guys have any favourite holo polishes?! Let me know so I can lust over them!
xoxo Ania

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comparison - Hits Zeus and Layla Flash Black

Hi all! I'm having a super productive day today. I finally bought a Melmer! Woohoo! I have spent the day making a spreadsheet of all my polishes and organizing my Melmer. I love it sooo much =D Let me know if you wish to see an overview of my storage once it is all good and dandy!

So the other day I decided I felt like a comparison. I am a huge fan of holo polishes and I had not worn Hits Zeus yet and so I figured I would compare it to Layla Flash Black, which I love. These do NOT compare at all! Holy macaroni! The first and third fingers are Layla and the second and fourth are Hits.


As you can see, Flash Black is a OMG IN YOUR FACE HOLO CAN YOU SEE THAT AMAZEBALLS RAINBOW!?!? <333 And Hits is super subtle. It almost looks like a scattered holo but in a linear design.. That makes little logical sense haha. I applied both of these with no base because that usually works better for me than any base. To be honest, if I had bought Flash Black before Zeus I would have never purchased Zeus. But I have ended up with both =P Which is ok by me, because the more holos the better! But Flash Black is definitely better if you are looking for an intense holo, which is what I love.
Till next time!

xoxo Ania

Monday, April 30, 2012

AA Polishes!

Hi everyone! I've been already slacking on the posting which is terrible! I've started a new job and while it is only 3 days a week, I start at 7am or 6am those days. So I am pooped! But so far so good =)
Today I'm going to be sharing some American Apparel polishes with you! I bought 5 of these once when there was some coupon online and I don't regret it a single bit =D I love the bottles, I love the brushes and the formula is amazing as well! I'm going to show you 3 of them today, two pretty colours and one which is the coolest glitter topcoat ever!


First off, we have Cameo Blue. I adore this colour. I have recently strayed from wearing cream finish polishes, even though they used to be my fave. (Too many interesting glitter/holo/flakie etc polishes to try out =P) But this colour reminds me instantly of why I loved cream finishes! It is so pretty and dries so shiny. The colour is gorgeous because it is bright but not in a neon obnoxious way! So cool!


Next up is Berry. This isn't a colour that I am super in love with but it is a good staple in my collection! A nice classy looking burgundy colour. I like this as a nice alternative to a good ole red colour!


First off, I HATE this photo. I took over 50 photos and this was sadly the best one. But I really wanted to show you guys this polish because it is 100% my favourite of the AA polishes I have tried. This is called Meteor Shower and it is a mix between a flakie and an actual glitter. It literally looks like flecks of gold. Amazing. I wore it over Berry a couple months ago, like in this picture, and I have never gotten as many compliments on my nails as I did when I wore that mani to work. Not even kidding, it was like every fifth person made a comment. People love their gold ;)

Anywhoo, have you tried any American Apparel polishes? I want to go back and buy a couple more because I am majorly impressed with the ones I've got!
xoxo Ania

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GOSH Gypsy Blue + Flowers!

Hi everyone! I am back with an attempt at stamping =D I'm not exactly the best at stamping and I know this is mostly due to my lack of practice. I'm one of those people that if it doesn't work out the first time, I never want to try again. So when I stamped for the first time I never wanted to try it again. Horrible! I usually try my hand at stamping once a monthish and this is one of those times. I used GOSH's Gypsy Blue and then used the black Konad stamping polish with the Bundle Monster plate 03. Nothing too exciting but I thought it was nice and slightly springy!
I'm a huge fan of GOSH nail polishes and for some reason have been grabbing for them a lot recently. I think it is time to go buy some more! =P Let me know if you like stamping or if it is too much of a hassle to try and do for most manicures! =)
Hope you liked this simple manicure!
xoxo Ania

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All of Time and Space

I cannot get over how amazing this polish is. I bought this half on a whim when Nerd Lacquer opened up their shop briefly and I was flailing to purchase the pretty polishes. And I'm SO glad I bought this! Out of the five which I purchased this one has become my favourite, so far! I thought Nebula would steal my heart but All of Time and Space is out of this world (zero puns intended, I swear). All of Time and Space is a mint nail polish with large silver hexagonal glitters as well as smaller purple and silver glitters. I also see some blue and gold glitters in the bottle but I don't pick up any on my nails, so it may just be the way the light is shining. I layered this over GOSH's Silky Mint, which is just a slightly darker mint colour polish. Gorgeous!


I have been wearing this polish for four days now and there is minimal chipping on one nail. WHAT!? Can we talk about a quality polish? Though exams are over tomorrow so it will be back to changing my polish every other night =)
xoxo Ania

ELF Glitter Eyeshadows

I'm one that is always excited when a company comes out with a new product, so when I saw the ELF glitter eyeshadows I quickly snatched up four of them! Glitter is one of my true loves in life and there isn't much I love more than glitter on my eyes. =P There are eight colours currently and they retail for $2 a piece, which is such a bargain! I cannot wait to pick up the rest of these!
Here is just a quick peek at the packaging. It isn't anything special but it does feel sturdy and more durable than what I remember the older ELF shadow packaging to be like. The names of all these colours are written on the bottom.

And here are close ups of all four colours that I bought! (swatches will be at the end)
Beachy Chic
Night Owl

And now quick swatches, with no primer underneath

Shopaholic, Cowgirl, Beachy Chic, Night Owl

I really like these. The formula is great, very good pigmentation and the glitter does translate onto the eye. Hopefully you can pick up some of the glitter beautifulness in the swatches! The only one which gave me a bit of trouble was Night Owl as it isn't quite as pigmented as the other colours. But hey, a subtle black is nice sometimes so I can't complain!
If you get the chance I would try at least one of these! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
xoxo Ania

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter-ish Manicure!

Hello loves! I'm trying to squeeze in a little Easter manicure before it becomes midnight here on the west coast! I really should be writing an essay but typing about nail polish is a lot more interesting than typing about social psych. =P

So this wasn't a super Eastery manicure but I just wanted to incorporate some pastel colours and kinda fit the season! Also, I swear I'm not obsessed with putting rows on my nails LOL I just really liked the rhinestones so this time around I wanted to keep up the trend. I thought it was cute and simple and fairly easy to do yet it was pretty eye catching!
The pretty purple is from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear *sigh* line and is called Lacey Lilac. SO PRETTY. It is my new go to purple pastel. I'm officially obsessed. Then I used a Rimmel French Tip nail polish in white and I really like this polish because the tip is super skinny and you can do nail art with it! I have some nail art pens but the polish in those is fairly meh so I like this Rimmel one because the polish is good and opaque! Lastly! I needed some sparkle because glitter makes the world turn. I added a coat of Orly's Prisma Gloss Gold which is one of my favourite polishes. It is such a sheer and subtle glitter and it can liven up any manicure! Loooove it so much. I need a similar polish but in silver. And then all the other colours of the rainbow.... =)
And here is a little close up of the Rimmel brush! I actually bought this thinking it was just a regular white polish but it was a good mistake because I use this so much!
I hope you all enjoyed my spring time Easter manicure! I promise my next manicure won't have a row of any sort of dots on it! (Because it will probably be pictures of Flash Black. I wore it and OOH EM GEEE <3) xoxo

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rhinestone Lovin!

Hey everyone! I'm going to try and start doing nail blogs a bit more often. It just feel so intimidating! I read copious amounts of nail blogs and most of the girls (and men!?) have amazing photos and it makes me so scared to post my own! I take photos of nearly every manicure I do but I never ever post them because I hate most of them =( But I've decided to bite the bullet. If I don't start posting them, then I will never feel the pressure to truly make them look better!
Anywhoooo, I got some rhinestones in the mail recently so I had to try them out right away. I bought the rhinestones off of evilbay for $2 or so and the nail polish is Illamasqua's Kink. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, even though I hate it but I knew if I ruined this manicure I'd be hella pissed.


I did something really simple because it was my first attempt but I think it came out alright! It is a pain having rhinestones on my nails though! I can constantly feel them and it irritates me haha. They've been on for two days and it is time for a manicure change. Layla's Flash Black is making some serious eyes at me right now. I think I know what I'm choosing ;)
Lemme know what you think of this manicure and hopefully I'll be back with another soon!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Sale!

It is that time again, where I'm going through purging mode and this means a blog sale!
Canada + USA - Shipping will be $5 for the first item, and an extra fifty cents for every item after.
International - Shipping will be $6 for the first item, and an extra fifty cents for every item after.

If you wish to order a lot, contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.
In the comments below, let me know which items you would like, your paypal email and whether you are international or Canada/USA.
Please pay within 48 hours or I'll have to pass the items onto the next person.
Thank you!
Naked Palette - $25
WnW Limited Edition Palettes. (names written on top with sharpie) $5 each or all three for $12
Snow Sprite, Golden Goddess, Sugar Plum Fairy

Wnw Palettes (both unopened)
Cool As a Cucumber - $4
Walking on Eggshells $4

Wnw Palettes
Spoiled Brat (Chunk missing from the pink colour) - $2
I Dream of Greenie - $3

MAC Shadows. All in fairly new condition. $8 (from left to right, top row first)
Sour Lemon, Aqua, Red Brick, Vibrant Grape, You're Fresh, Goldenrod, Stars n' Rockets, Rated R, Orb, Sugar Shot.
I've got some extra 4 pan palettes kicking around so if you purchase 4 I'll probably throw in a free palette =)

Physicians Formula Palettes (swatched once)
Pop Brown Eyes - $6
Pop Hazel Eyes - $6
Pop Blue Eyes - $6
Physicians Formula Trios
Baked Butter - $4
Baked Sugar - $4
MAC old packaging pigment in Golden Lemon - $10
MAC old packaging pigment in Fuschia - $10
Barry M Dazzle Dust in #39 (love this! But I've got two) - $5
Urban Decay mini primer potion (never opened) - $2
Urban Decay pigment in Shag - $2
Urban Decay pigment in Rockstar - $2
Velour Lashes (never used) in Naughty Me - $10
NYX Glitter Cream Palette (swatched 2x) in Ocean Breeze - $3
Vasanti Blush in Rockies Blush - $4
Milani Runway Eyes in Haute Couture - $4
Loreal Single Shadow in Morning Light (never opened) -$2
Annabelle Limited Edition Shadows in Airhead, Reverie, Dayglow and Dollywood (comes with palette, swatched once) - $10
ELF Shadows - $2 each
Burnt Brown
Micabella Shadows - $3 each
Jane Palette in Jewel Tones - $3
ELF Blush in Candid Coral - $2
Laura Geller baked shadow in Candied Bronze - $7
Liplicious lipgloss (never opened) in Country Chic - $3
NYC Pressed Face Powder in Natural Beige - $1
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder - $2
NYC Mosaic Face Powder in Translucent Highlighter Glow - $1
Physicians Formulas Mineral Facebrightener in Light Glow - $3

Vera Wang's Princess Perfume, used up to just above where the heart indents? So maybe 10-15%? It is the 50ml bottle - $40

All Nail Polish has been swatched once, or used as much as you see
Deborah Lippman, Razzle Dazzle - $10
Lynderella, Mercury's Rainbow - $15
Illamasqua, Blow - $10
Inglot, #996 - $7
Joe Fresh Nail Polishes, $2 each
Sweet Tart
Essie Nail polishes
Blanc - $3
Sand Tropez - $6
Kisses & Bises - $5
OPI Need Sunglasses - $5
OPI Call my Cell-ery - $5
OPI Siberian Nights - $5
OPI Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow - $5
Julep polishes, $5 each
Rescue Beauty Lounge, Bikini Bottom - $6
Rescue Beauty Lounge, Stormy - $7
Rescue Beauty Lounge, Recherche - $7
RGB, Deep - $6
Revlon, Minted - $5
Revlon, Strawberry Electric - $3
Revlon, Not So Blueberry - $3
Sephora by OPI, Metro Chic (matte) - $8
ORLY, Fowl Play - $8
China Glaze, Cowgirl Up - $5
China Glaze, Midnight Kiss - $5
Cheeky Monkey, Damn I'm Hot - $3
model's Own, Blooboo - $3
Laka, 131 - $4
Laka, 92 - $4
Color Club, What a Shock! - $3
Color Club, The Lime Starts Here - $3
Color Club, Worth The Risque (about a third used) - $3
Barry M, Neon Green - $3
Rimmel, Camouflage - $2
Rimmel, Climax - $2
Rimmel, Pulsating - $2
WnW, Club Havana - $1
Wnw, Candy-licious - $1
Urban Outfitters, Purple 7 - $3
Urban Outfitters, Green 2 - $3
Icing, Sour Apple - $2
Icing, Purple PJs - $2
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, $1 each
First Blush
Fuschia Power
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, $1 each
Lime Lights
Green With Envy
Sun Kissed