Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rhinestone Lovin!

Hey everyone! I'm going to try and start doing nail blogs a bit more often. It just feel so intimidating! I read copious amounts of nail blogs and most of the girls (and men!?) have amazing photos and it makes me so scared to post my own! I take photos of nearly every manicure I do but I never ever post them because I hate most of them =( But I've decided to bite the bullet. If I don't start posting them, then I will never feel the pressure to truly make them look better!
Anywhoooo, I got some rhinestones in the mail recently so I had to try them out right away. I bought the rhinestones off of evilbay for $2 or so and the nail polish is Illamasqua's Kink. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, even though I hate it but I knew if I ruined this manicure I'd be hella pissed.


I did something really simple because it was my first attempt but I think it came out alright! It is a pain having rhinestones on my nails though! I can constantly feel them and it irritates me haha. They've been on for two days and it is time for a manicure change. Layla's Flash Black is making some serious eyes at me right now. I think I know what I'm choosing ;)
Lemme know what you think of this manicure and hopefully I'll be back with another soon!

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