Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blog Sale!

Hello loves =) I'm currently re-doing my room and getting rid of a lot and so I thought I would have a mini blog sale with some items that are just sitting around and someone else could be using.
Paypal only.
All prices will be as listed. Please let me know what you want in the comments down below along with your paypal email and what country you are from.
Shipping will be $5 to Canada and USA with 50cents extra for each item.
International shipping will be $7 with 50cents extra for each item.
Once you let me know what you want I will send an invoice to your paypal email!
Here are the items =D

Two Kat von D palettes

Kat von D palette in Beethoven - $20 SOLD

Kat von D palette in Ludwig - $20 SOLD

Limited Edition MAC paint pots in Dangerous Cuvee - $10 and Coral Crepe - $10
Both have minimal use BOTH SOLD

MAC's Marine Life Highlight powder - $20 SOLD
MAC's Shell Pearl Highlight powder - $15 SOLD

Laura Geller Baked Shadow in Candied Bronze, swatched once - $10
Too Faces Shadow in Moon Beam, swatched 2-3x - $5 SOLD
Smashbox mini lipgloss in Illume, never opened - $5

MAC pigments in the old packaging, very little used. Golden Lemon and Fuschia - $10 each

Physicians Formula Wet/Dry Shadows in Baked Butter and Baked Sugar - $8 for both

Hope you find something you like!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lit Cosmetics!

Today I've got a very exciting post to share with you. It involves lots and lots of glitter! I recently placed an order with Lit Cosmetics and I thought I would show you swatches of all the colours that I now own. First off, some glitter porn ;)


Now onto the swatches. I swatched all of these using the Lit Cosmetics clearly glitter base, which is amazeballs if you were wondering.


Champagne Wishes, Liberache, Rich & Famous, Carrot Head, Fire Cracker


Roxy Rolla, Elton Jon, Punk, Soul Sister, Marlin Monroe

As you can see these are gorgeous and so glittery and sparkly. I definitely recommend checking them out! They come in handy stackable containers too which is always helpful.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shrek had a Birthday!

Ok guys, I am seriously in love with this manicure. I think my photos turned out a bit better than the last post, so that is a huge plus. I've been wearing this for three days now and I have no intention of taking it off. It's so gorgeous! If Shrek had a birthday party, this is what would be everywhere. =)


This is Zoya's Mitza from their summer 2011 matte collection with Wet n' Wild's Party of Five Glitters on top. I really like Zoya's Mitzi and their matte polishes are some of the easiest that I've worked with, but this colour was such a pain to apply. It took five coats on some nails to make it opaque because the colour kept cracking in weird places. Stupid matte polishes. Party of Five Glitters is amazing. It has large silver hexagonal glitters and and smaller purple, pink and green glitters. I quite liked the matte effect but wanted to jazz it up a bit, hence the glitter. I also needed something to cover up the bumpy effect that Mitzi gave me. Here's a photo before glitter, so you can see the awkward bumpy-ness of Mitzi.


Arg! It makes me so sad. But all in all this mani is perfect, in my eyes. =) I covered it all with a coat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry and it covered up all the glitter bumps fairly well. Here is one more photo to drool over =)


I hope you guys enjoyed this manicure as much as me! If you like awkward Shrek-y colours then I hope you did! Till next time, <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Nail Post!

Hello ladies and gents. I'm doing my very first nail of the day post.. Woah. I've been slowly becoming more and more obsessed with nail polish over the last couple months and I probably read nail polish blogs more often than watching makeup youtube videos now. Which is so surprising. Anywhooo, I apologize that these photos aren't the best but I'm just getting used to taking awkward photos of my nails. I have no idea how all the wonderful ladies that I read do it =)
Recently-ish I made an order off of when the coveted Nfu Oh 61 came back into stock. Surprisingly I haven't worn that yet but I also bought Nfu Oh 51 which is an amazing purple-reddish-gold-blue flakie. It looks purple when simply on the nail but every single light reflection will bring out a different colour to it. Amazing!


The photo clearly does not do it justice but you can see the different colours that show up when wearing this polish. I promise that there is more gold and bluey-green snuck into the formulation of this polish than my photos show.


Oh this polish is beautiful! I applied two coats of it over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, just to have a nice base underneath.


Nfu Oh 51 is a little goopy to apply and my brush came a bit distorted, but it is definitely worth the hassle. The only downside was tip wear. After one day the the tip wear was ridiculous, even with my usual top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. But there was no chipping even after three days. I would have kept it on longer but I was itching to try out another nail combo.. But that is for the next post! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more nail of the days =) Have you tried anything from Nfu Oh? Any recommendations?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GDE Tutorial - Smoky Gold

New tutorial! Here is a list of all the products used

GDE - Trophy Wife
GDE - Hello Brooklyn
GDE - Electric Lemonaide
GDE - Girlfriend Sweater
GDE Family Secret

ELF - professional blending brush
Quo - definer shadow
Quo - shadow smudger brush
Crown Brush - C200 deluxe crease
Crown Brush - C222 round contour
Crown Brush - Angled Liner

MAC - eyeliner in fascinating
Smashbox - Jet Set waterproof eyeliner
Rimmel - Sexy curves mascara
Rimmel - Moisture Renew Lipstick 600 Soft Coral

And here are some extra photos like I promised!






Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Pan Update!

It has been almost two months since I've started project pan. And it has been hell! Ahh! It's so hard to not buy any makeup. Especially when so many haul videos pop up and the MAC Wonderwoman collection is amazing.. But I have finished 5 items and that means I'm only 15 away from my goal of 20! So far but closer than 4 I suppose.. =( So I'll show you guys what I've finished and let you know if I'll ever repurchase!

First off is the MUFE Smoky Lash mascara. This is my favourite mascara of all time. The downside? The price is over $20. Will I repurchase it? Definitely. Not till IMATS thought, where I'm going to stock up because it was $15 last year. This mascara gives such beautiful fullness of the lashes that I'm lusting over it just as I type.. Siigh.


Then I finished up my Annabelle mascara. I know, I know. Mascaras are a cheap way out of Project Pan. But this mascara was on its last legs too. I like this mascara, because on one side it has bristles and on the other side there is a plastic comb. So if you just use the bristles its a very natural looking lash, but if you run the comb through it too it becomes super dramatic and awesome. But I probably wouldn't repurchase it. It wasn't a WOW product, but definitely fun to try.


My Yes to Carrots Lip Butter was my first lip product to be used up, which is cool because I have way too many. This is a good lip balm, but I still prefer my Nivea ones by far. No thanks to rebuying it.


Fourth on the list was my Covergirl Translucent finishing powder. And yes I had it in the old school green packaging. I had this forever and used to carry it in my purse where it smashed into a million pieces.. And the last couple months I decided to use up those smashed pieces. Which was painful and hard to work with. But I did it! Nothing special about this powder, I'd purchase it if I needed a powder but I'm going to try looking for something else once the time comes.


My fifth item of this round is my UDPP. Now, I regret to say that I did not cut open my bottle of this for two reasons. One, I would have cut myself. Two, it was really old and probably beginning to go bad so no reason to prolong its misery. Would I repurchase? No. I now use my $1 ELF primer and it works just the same if not better because more money stays in my pocket.


Alas, that is all for my project pan update! Hopefully I won't go 3 months between blog posts again and hopefully my next project pan update is very soon! Cheers =)