Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shrek had a Birthday!

Ok guys, I am seriously in love with this manicure. I think my photos turned out a bit better than the last post, so that is a huge plus. I've been wearing this for three days now and I have no intention of taking it off. It's so gorgeous! If Shrek had a birthday party, this is what would be everywhere. =)


This is Zoya's Mitza from their summer 2011 matte collection with Wet n' Wild's Party of Five Glitters on top. I really like Zoya's Mitzi and their matte polishes are some of the easiest that I've worked with, but this colour was such a pain to apply. It took five coats on some nails to make it opaque because the colour kept cracking in weird places. Stupid matte polishes. Party of Five Glitters is amazing. It has large silver hexagonal glitters and and smaller purple, pink and green glitters. I quite liked the matte effect but wanted to jazz it up a bit, hence the glitter. I also needed something to cover up the bumpy effect that Mitzi gave me. Here's a photo before glitter, so you can see the awkward bumpy-ness of Mitzi.


Arg! It makes me so sad. But all in all this mani is perfect, in my eyes. =) I covered it all with a coat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry and it covered up all the glitter bumps fairly well. Here is one more photo to drool over =)


I hope you guys enjoyed this manicure as much as me! If you like awkward Shrek-y colours then I hope you did! Till next time, <3

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