Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Nail Post!

Hello ladies and gents. I'm doing my very first nail of the day post.. Woah. I've been slowly becoming more and more obsessed with nail polish over the last couple months and I probably read nail polish blogs more often than watching makeup youtube videos now. Which is so surprising. Anywhooo, I apologize that these photos aren't the best but I'm just getting used to taking awkward photos of my nails. I have no idea how all the wonderful ladies that I read do it =)
Recently-ish I made an order off of fabulousstreet.com when the coveted Nfu Oh 61 came back into stock. Surprisingly I haven't worn that yet but I also bought Nfu Oh 51 which is an amazing purple-reddish-gold-blue flakie. It looks purple when simply on the nail but every single light reflection will bring out a different colour to it. Amazing!


The photo clearly does not do it justice but you can see the different colours that show up when wearing this polish. I promise that there is more gold and bluey-green snuck into the formulation of this polish than my photos show.


Oh this polish is beautiful! I applied two coats of it over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, just to have a nice base underneath.


Nfu Oh 51 is a little goopy to apply and my brush came a bit distorted, but it is definitely worth the hassle. The only downside was tip wear. After one day the the tip wear was ridiculous, even with my usual top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. But there was no chipping even after three days. I would have kept it on longer but I was itching to try out another nail combo.. But that is for the next post! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more nail of the days =) Have you tried anything from Nfu Oh? Any recommendations?

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