Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter-ish Manicure!

Hello loves! I'm trying to squeeze in a little Easter manicure before it becomes midnight here on the west coast! I really should be writing an essay but typing about nail polish is a lot more interesting than typing about social psych. =P

So this wasn't a super Eastery manicure but I just wanted to incorporate some pastel colours and kinda fit the season! Also, I swear I'm not obsessed with putting rows on my nails LOL I just really liked the rhinestones so this time around I wanted to keep up the trend. I thought it was cute and simple and fairly easy to do yet it was pretty eye catching!
The pretty purple is from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear *sigh* line and is called Lacey Lilac. SO PRETTY. It is my new go to purple pastel. I'm officially obsessed. Then I used a Rimmel French Tip nail polish in white and I really like this polish because the tip is super skinny and you can do nail art with it! I have some nail art pens but the polish in those is fairly meh so I like this Rimmel one because the polish is good and opaque! Lastly! I needed some sparkle because glitter makes the world turn. I added a coat of Orly's Prisma Gloss Gold which is one of my favourite polishes. It is such a sheer and subtle glitter and it can liven up any manicure! Loooove it so much. I need a similar polish but in silver. And then all the other colours of the rainbow.... =)
And here is a little close up of the Rimmel brush! I actually bought this thinking it was just a regular white polish but it was a good mistake because I use this so much!
I hope you all enjoyed my spring time Easter manicure! I promise my next manicure won't have a row of any sort of dots on it! (Because it will probably be pictures of Flash Black. I wore it and OOH EM GEEE <3) xoxo


  1. I love the manicure. It looks super Eastery. BTW, i am working now and spending a little bit more on makeup (without going broke). I am into Chanel. I thought u told me once that u like Chanel as your high-end choice. Have u ever splurged and bought a Chanel polish?
    --eboonie1 from youtube

    1. Yes! I actually have two polishes from Chanel and to be honest I don't think they are worth the price if you are looking for quality. Neither apply exceptionally well and so unless you are buying just for the Chanel label (guilty, we all are haha) then I think it is better to buy a couple cheaper polishes and have more variety with the same quality!

    2. OK thanks for your opinion, which I always value! They are pricey and since they don't apply exceptionally well, they're not worth buying.