Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ELF Glitter Eyeshadows

I'm one that is always excited when a company comes out with a new product, so when I saw the ELF glitter eyeshadows I quickly snatched up four of them! Glitter is one of my true loves in life and there isn't much I love more than glitter on my eyes. =P There are eight colours currently and they retail for $2 a piece, which is such a bargain! I cannot wait to pick up the rest of these!
Here is just a quick peek at the packaging. It isn't anything special but it does feel sturdy and more durable than what I remember the older ELF shadow packaging to be like. The names of all these colours are written on the bottom.

And here are close ups of all four colours that I bought! (swatches will be at the end)
Beachy Chic
Night Owl

And now quick swatches, with no primer underneath

Shopaholic, Cowgirl, Beachy Chic, Night Owl

I really like these. The formula is great, very good pigmentation and the glitter does translate onto the eye. Hopefully you can pick up some of the glitter beautifulness in the swatches! The only one which gave me a bit of trouble was Night Owl as it isn't quite as pigmented as the other colours. But hey, a subtle black is nice sometimes so I can't complain!
If you get the chance I would try at least one of these! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
xoxo Ania

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