Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All of Time and Space

I cannot get over how amazing this polish is. I bought this half on a whim when Nerd Lacquer opened up their shop briefly and I was flailing to purchase the pretty polishes. And I'm SO glad I bought this! Out of the five which I purchased this one has become my favourite, so far! I thought Nebula would steal my heart but All of Time and Space is out of this world (zero puns intended, I swear). All of Time and Space is a mint nail polish with large silver hexagonal glitters as well as smaller purple and silver glitters. I also see some blue and gold glitters in the bottle but I don't pick up any on my nails, so it may just be the way the light is shining. I layered this over GOSH's Silky Mint, which is just a slightly darker mint colour polish. Gorgeous!


I have been wearing this polish for four days now and there is minimal chipping on one nail. WHAT!? Can we talk about a quality polish? Though exams are over tomorrow so it will be back to changing my polish every other night =)
xoxo Ania

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  1. This polish is gorgeous. it reminds me of springtime and also reminds me of a robin's egg!