Thursday, September 6, 2012

Up Colors Lilas Chrome

Let's not talk about my failed challenge in August. I SUCK OKAY?

Onto prettier things now. We all know my love of holos, even the subtle ones. And this is a gorgeous and subtle holo. I present to you Up Colors 'Lilas Chrome.' Is there an English name for this? I'm unsure. But this is the purpley-pink Up holo and it is so pretty. Very subtle holo but the colour itself is so pretty and just looked amazeballs on my nails. You can barely see any holo in this pic but I tried I promise! It is minimal but in the right light you see it. This is a super old pic, minimum three months? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

You can buy this at llarowe and I think it is time for me to buy them all... ;)


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