Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Penguin Makeup Challenge! Day One =D

Hi loves! I'm just a huge slacker aren't I =) Woops! Too much to do, too little time. But! I was recently contacted by Alexis to partake in the Penguin makeup challenge this month! I loved the idea, which centers around using black and white eyeshadow and I also loved it because it is just three challenges spread out over the course of a month! I am terrible at keeping up with things so I knew I'd never be able to do a challenge a day but three in a month is a good way to keep my blog up to date and do something fun =) So today is day one! And the challenge is to only use black and white in a makeup look. I used a ton of products, from MAC and Wet n' Wild and more, but essentially just good old black and white shadows.

I wanted to try something that I haven't done in probably forever and that was dots! You can't see them very well but I put dots as eyeliner all along the top lashline. I struggled like crazy and in the end used mascara along with a nail dotting tool haha. Surprisingly in my entire collection of makeup I don't own a felt tip liner which I think would have been the easiest way to do this, but oh well. It didn't turn out perfect but it was kinda trippy looking at myself in the mirror. I was also having bad skin day and this was the only photo which I didn't extremely hate. So just one will have to do for this challenge.


Now! Go check out all the other wonderful ladies and I'll be back soon with the next challenge <333
Ania xoxo


  1. This is pretty! I really like the idea too, dots as eyeliner!

  2. You did great! I love the look:)

  3. Awesome lady! I love the dots!

  4. I love that you dotted along the lashline. I love when people go outside the box!!

  5. Hey pretty lady, have a blog award! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of this challenge =)

  6. Im your newest follower

    XOXO Tiffany