Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Layla Ocean Rush

Dear Holographic nail polishes, I love you. Nothing has tickled my fancy more than holo nail polishes recently. I'm semi hoarding them like the world will really end this year. They just make me SO HAPPY. I can't help but smile everytime I walk outside and see rainbow goodness radiating from my nails. And Layla polishes are so holo that even indoors you can see their awesomeness. ANYWHO! This is a semi awkward photo but I wanted to show you what I discovered, which is probably not news to anyone but me. I had always used my Nails Inc matte top coat as a base for under my holo polishes because it helped apply them the best. Then in one of my videos I was complaining about holo application and someone in the comments said to use Seche Vite. So I did! The thumb nail is Seche Vite and the rest of the nails is matte top coat. With Layla's Ocean Rush on top.


Holy bajeezus. Can you see the immense difference? It is easier to apply over matte top coat but the effect of it on top of Seche Vite is amazing! So worth it. Since wearing this I have ordered the Nfu Oh Aqua Base so we will see how that goes. I also like wearing my holo polishes on top of bare nails and that works really well but it chips instantly. So that is kinda a bummer.
Do you guys have any favourite holo polishes?! Let me know so I can lust over them!
xoxo Ania

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