Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comparison - Hits Zeus and Layla Flash Black

Hi all! I'm having a super productive day today. I finally bought a Melmer! Woohoo! I have spent the day making a spreadsheet of all my polishes and organizing my Melmer. I love it sooo much =D Let me know if you wish to see an overview of my storage once it is all good and dandy!

So the other day I decided I felt like a comparison. I am a huge fan of holo polishes and I had not worn Hits Zeus yet and so I figured I would compare it to Layla Flash Black, which I love. These do NOT compare at all! Holy macaroni! The first and third fingers are Layla and the second and fourth are Hits.


As you can see, Flash Black is a OMG IN YOUR FACE HOLO CAN YOU SEE THAT AMAZEBALLS RAINBOW!?!? <333 And Hits is super subtle. It almost looks like a scattered holo but in a linear design.. That makes little logical sense haha. I applied both of these with no base because that usually works better for me than any base. To be honest, if I had bought Flash Black before Zeus I would have never purchased Zeus. But I have ended up with both =P Which is ok by me, because the more holos the better! But Flash Black is definitely better if you are looking for an intense holo, which is what I love.
Till next time!

xoxo Ania


  1. That is HOT. I need more holos in my life.

    And yay for the Melmer! You'll have to post some storage pics or a video when you're done organizing. My inner Virgo demands it. ;)

  2. I NEED a linear holo >_< Where are you finding these Laylas?

    While I'm commenting, you deserve this more than me: DO IT

    1. I bought the Laylas off of AveyouDOTcom. You can also get them off of harlowandcoDOTcom ! =) That is where I'm going to buy a couple more asap! Gaahhh these holos are mindblowing <3

      And thank you! I will have to fill that out once I think of 7 things about myself =P